Book Cover!

17 Jan

Hey there!

I have three, slightly different, covers to choose from! Which is your favorite? I like the purple and the red ones. 🙂

the-bridge-inner-city-cover-01 (1) the-bridge-inner-city-cover-02 (1) the-bridge-inner-city-cover-03 (1)


And here is a little tidbit from the book. 🙂

I sighed, I suppose after just over a year working together it was time to open up a bit to him. I have never been fond of sharing my inner thoughts with people. “My family and I were living in The Below due to a misunderstanding with a few straights.” Misunderstanding is an understatement, but I would save that story for another time. “My younger sister and one of my younger brothers were walking home one evening. Our brothers were always insistent that one of them would go and get our sister from where she was working, helping out at the schoolhouse Topside. That day, there was something going on near their usual access point to The Below. There was a ghoul that had somehow made it into the city. The ghoul was harassing two straights, and my brother had a bit of a toughman complex. My siblings both attempted to challenge the ghoul, but barely managed to give the straights a chance to get away and get help before they fell. By the time the straights came back with the police, it was too late: my sister and brother had already passed.” My voice cracked at the end, and my vision blurred with the hot tears that threatened to fall, but I wouldn’t let them. It was still so hard to talk about it, even after all this time.

I cleared my throat and then continued, “There were no gargoyles around to help them; in fact, there were no goyles bound in that entire area of the city. Goyles were sparse at that time because of the negative views that so many had. I was mad at everyone for weeks. About a month later, I heard that they were recruiting for trainees, for gargoyle positions, because they were doubling the amount of goyles in the city. Two weeks later, with my anger driving me, I started training and in no time I was the leading recruit. Shortly after, the City Hall was completed, and I was bound to her days before I reached my first century. Every second since that time I devoted my life to keep our city safe, and keeping someone else from losing their siblings and suffering through the same heartache.”

Goodbye until next time! 🙂

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