Catching Up!

Catching Up!

Hey all!

I know it has been forever! This has been quite the year for me! Met the most incredible woman, moved her from Oregon to Indiana, and married her! 🙂 All while working full time, trying to work on Witty Bard Publishing, and trying to find time to write, all while spending as much time as possible with my wife and our 5 fur-babies (3 dogs & 2 cats).

My wife’s, Kejsi Miller, newest book is Out of Ashes and it features a sneak peak of the novel we are working on together titled Arrows & Elements. Arrows & Elements will follow around Rion, a sharp shooting half-elf and half-siren, and Bren, an elf that is having strange reactions to the elements around her, as they embark on the journey of a lifetime. We are hoping to have Arrows & Elements published by the end of the year! I’ll have a sneak peak of our book in the coming week!

Also, I will begin working on the sequel to my Gargoyle book in December! This one will be called The Bridge~Inner City: Shadow-Kin. 🙂 Expect a sneak peak and a cover reveal toward the beginning of December!

Lastly, I am fully prepped and ready to go for NaNoWriMo with my CIA/spy spin on Jack & the Beanstalk titled BEANSTALK. Have my outline ready and I am ready to hit the ground running on the first of November! Add me as a writing buddy if you are participating and I’ll follow you back!

Happy Reading! I would love to hear what everyone else has been up to!



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Love Spanks 2015 is here!

It’s TIME! 😀


The rules, in brief (full version here):

  1. Register here
  2. Visit all 17 blogs and leave a high-quality comment responding to the story content. Deadline: Midnight EST (UTC-5) Sunday, February 8
  3. Add VIP, FF (F/F author), A (non-F/F author), or Amb (Ambassador) to your comments
  4. Join the Facebook/Twitter author chats and parties
  5. Prize announcements Saturday, February 14!

For more information, updates, and a list of participating authors, please visit Governing Ana(main page) or Love Spanks 2015 (announcement page)

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Twitter hashtag: #lovespanks

Dating Storm


Read this story in the Love Spanks Anthology, available here.

About the Author

Victoria Cobretti is a new writer with a quirky personality. She loves writing on many subjects and can be found at home playing tabletop games, watching her dogs play, or doing what a writer does best—studying her next plot.

Victoria just finished her first novel in her Gargoyle series, The Bridge ~ Inner City: Gargoyles, that features Kalila Storm from the above short story. She specializes in adventures with f/f romance and in f/f sweet romance stories with action.

Find the links to the other participating authors here.

Don’t forget to comment below. 🙂 As a thank you for stopping by, I will gifting one lucky commenter a $5 Amazon gift card!


Vic C.


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What is LoveSpanks 2015?

Hey all!

So, I am happy to announce that I am a LoveSpanks 2015 participating Author!


But what does LoveSpanks 2015 mean, you ask?

Well, LoveSpanks is an event where participating authors come together and write short stories with a specific theme and post them on their blogs for a few days. They ask a question pertaining to their story, and everyone that comments and answers the question will receive a prize entry! For complete rules and list of prizes, go here.

It is that simple! There will be author chats going on each afternoon/evening where you can ask questions and maybe even win a prize entry or so. My time will be this Friday, Feb. 6th from 7pm-8pm EST. Hop on Facebook and ask for an invite to the party!

The theme for Love Spanks is f/f romance of any heat level. It looks like we have a good mix of mellow to spicy this year! 😉

If you sign-up by tonight at Midnight, you earn bonus entries for registering early! Go here, to register!

Be sure to check back here between Thursday night and Sunday night for my short story! It is called “Dating Storm” and features Gargoyle Kalila Storm from my novel The Bridge ~ Inner City: Gargoyles.

Hope to see you there!

Victoria C.

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I am now a published author! I cannot believe it! After just over 3 months of working on my novel I am a published author!

Here is the cover I went with!

the-bridge-inner-city-cover-01 (1)

Here is he book description:

Nearly a year after the dramatic events at the Roebling Suspension Bridge, the otherworldly citizens of Cincinnati are settling into the new state of affairs. O’Flanagan’s has become the hub of fae activity in the area under the watchful eye of Troll Evangeline Kane. But other sentinels of the city also frequent the bar, including Gargoyle Kalila Storm.

When a string of robberies threatens mortals and fae alike, Kalila and her partner, Declan, must track down those responsible. But just when they think they’ve uncovered the truth, they find that the web of deceit stretches even further than they could ever have imagined. And as if that wasn’t enough, Kalila is at war with herself over her inexplicable new attraction to a mortal woman.

This book is set in the same universe as The Bridge series by Erik Schubach.

Pick up your copy here:

Thank you to everyone that helped make this a possibility!

Special treat for everyone this coming weekend! A short story that is a follow up for this book!



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Book Cover!

Hey there!

I have three, slightly different, covers to choose from! Which is your favorite? I like the purple and the red ones. 🙂

the-bridge-inner-city-cover-01 (1) the-bridge-inner-city-cover-02 (1) the-bridge-inner-city-cover-03 (1)


And here is a little tidbit from the book. 🙂

I sighed, I suppose after just over a year working together it was time to open up a bit to him. I have never been fond of sharing my inner thoughts with people. “My family and I were living in The Below due to a misunderstanding with a few straights.” Misunderstanding is an understatement, but I would save that story for another time. “My younger sister and one of my younger brothers were walking home one evening. Our brothers were always insistent that one of them would go and get our sister from where she was working, helping out at the schoolhouse Topside. That day, there was something going on near their usual access point to The Below. There was a ghoul that had somehow made it into the city. The ghoul was harassing two straights, and my brother had a bit of a toughman complex. My siblings both attempted to challenge the ghoul, but barely managed to give the straights a chance to get away and get help before they fell. By the time the straights came back with the police, it was too late: my sister and brother had already passed.” My voice cracked at the end, and my vision blurred with the hot tears that threatened to fall, but I wouldn’t let them. It was still so hard to talk about it, even after all this time.

I cleared my throat and then continued, “There were no gargoyles around to help them; in fact, there were no goyles bound in that entire area of the city. Goyles were sparse at that time because of the negative views that so many had. I was mad at everyone for weeks. About a month later, I heard that they were recruiting for trainees, for gargoyle positions, because they were doubling the amount of goyles in the city. Two weeks later, with my anger driving me, I started training and in no time I was the leading recruit. Shortly after, the City Hall was completed, and I was bound to her days before I reached my first century. Every second since that time I devoted my life to keep our city safe, and keeping someone else from losing their siblings and suffering through the same heartache.”

Goodbye until next time! 🙂

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Getting started…

Hey there,

So 2015 is going to be a super busy and exciting time for me! First of all, my publishing company, Witty Bard Publishing, is coming up on its first year anniversary! And it is still going strong.

My life as a writer is going to be much busier in 2015 as well. I will officially become a published author at the end of January or beginning of February! I am about 2/3 of the way through my first novel, The Bridge ~ Inner City: Gargoyles and it is being edited as I go so that I can meet my deadline.

I will also be participating in Love Spanks 2014, over at Governing Ana, on February 6-8.

And, I will be working on a Beyond Fairytales story for Jack and the Beanstalk; I hope to give it a f/f spin and face-lift.

Here is a snippet from my current novel:

You see, things aren’t always exactly as they appear. This world that we live in isn’t just comprised of humans, as most think. No, various types of magical creatures and fae exist; walking around in this world are many varieties of fantastical beings. Everything from gnomes, fairies, and imps, to true magic users share this existence. And as you would expect, where there are good and law-abiding creatures, there are also more heinous beings that would run amok; some of the more prevalent being goblins, minotaurs, and wraiths.

In order to keep things moving smoothly, and to ensure the safety of the mortals and fae that call Cincinnati home, there are Trolls posted on each bridge and road into the city. Each Troll greets the creatures that wish to enter into the mortal realm from the Under-Veil by way of these bridges and roads, the gateways into the city. The Trolls require each visitor to pay their toll and agree to cause no harm. If they do so, then they are granted access; if they don’t, then the Trolls will dispatch them back through the Under-Veil with extreme prejudice.

What do we Gargoyles—or Goyles as we call ourselves—do, you may ask? We are the city’s enforcers. We guard the people of the metropolis around our “homes,” otherwise known as our nexus, to which we are shadow-bound. We keep an eye on things in the city, both human and supernatural. And we’re always around to help a Troll when needed, but most of the time we keep the peace in the city between the fae and the mortals who live here.

I relished the rain as it began to pour. Once more, I reached out to my beloved. I took a deep cleansing breath, and smiled. Besides the night guard Henderson, and Smitty the janitor, I was finally alone with her again, then I sighed in resignation, and with Declan I suppose. Time for a drink.

With that thought, I slid from my perch on the clock tower, silently padding down the grade of its roof, and slipped onto the maintenance platform that wraped the base of the clock tower. With one hand on its ledge, I swung and released myself over a lower platform that connects each of the building’s peaks. From there, I stalked west on the platform before leaping to a lower platform yet again and, with one final silent hop down the remaining two stories, landed on the ground. With a loving look toward my favorite perch on the clock tower, I walked to meet Declan in the courtyard parking area.

Stick around for more previews, writing information, short stories, and more!

Have an amazing day!


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